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Make It Rain Inappropriate 3D Stripper Card

$10.00 USD

Give that bachelor the only thing better than a wife–a dark, humid room and fistful of singles.

The “Live Nudes” neon sign on the front cover of this 3D card lures any self-respecting heathen to open sesame. As they open your dirty pop up card, a topless stripper will climb the pole faster than a sh*tty DJ can introduce “California Diamond”. When the sinner on the receiving end of your comedic genius sees the inside of this card, they’re gonna laugh out loud or give the “let’s do bad things” look. Either way, you’re in for a night.

And remember, every dollar thrown on stage supports entrepreneurship. Make. It. Rain.

Perfect Occasions:
Gag gifts for bachelor, naughty birthday cards for boyfriend, dirty anniversary cards for husband, funny greeting card for him or her, adult 3D pop up cards for men or women, mature joke cards for man or woman, plus more.

What’s Inside:

  • Card size: 5” x 7” (13cm x 18cm)
  • Envelope size: 5” x 7” (13cm x 18cm)
  • Note card for handwritten message: 4” x 6” (10cm x 15cm)
  • Classic “Live Nudes” neon sign on front cover
  • Inside of card reveals 3D pop up stripper