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We make offensive greeting cards so you get the glory of being funny as f**k. Why? You know your friends and family well. Really well. These are people you laugh with ‘til it fucking hurts. Your ride-or-dies. You’re inappropriate. You say offensive shit. No one judges.

We launched Dirty Pop Cards in July 2020 because we want people laughing together. Way more frequently. The harder the better. When people open our dirty 3D cards, half the room laughs out loud while the other half gasps, “that’s offensive”. B-fuckin-ingo.

It didn’t take long for us to adopt a company philsophy of “Fuck ‘Em”. Life’s too short to give a shit about not offending people. So, every time we see customers cackle like hyenas, we do a little happy dance. When someone complains because they’re offended, we do an aggressive happy dance and say, “Fuck ‘Em”.

Think about it…Ten years from now, is anyone going to remember that shitty, generic greeting card they’ve seen a thousand times? Not a fucking chance. Give them one of our offensive 3D pop up cards and they’ll talk about your rude ass joke card for decades. If you’re lucky, it’ll end up on their refrigerator. That’s Hall of Fame status. Whatever occasion you’re shopping for, our adult greeting cards will be worth every penny. Still asking why? Because they actually “speak your language”. So stop with the sweet, boring, lovey, pharmacy-quality bullshit cards. That’s not how people talk. You know you’re funnier than that. We know you’re funnier than that.

Dirty Pop Cards is here to make you a fucking hero. Take advantage of any occasion. Make a joke. Be funny. Be fucking rude. You know it’s okay because this is for your people. Give them the gift of a big ass jaw-drop AND gut-busting laugh. You’ll thank us later.

Who the fuck are we? We are the greeting card company that never grew up. We make jaw-droppingly hilarious greeting cards for those with a ‘twisted’ sense of humor. We design shocking, funny, playful and naughty 3D pop up greeting cards inspired by sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

Still don’t get it? We removed the big words for you... Click website buy. 3D cards insult. Open card make pee pants. All people laugh. Some people shocking. One friend film. You hilarious person. Dirty Pop Cards good. And a reminder for those who read good… We make offensive greeting cards so you get the glory of being funny as f**k.

Happy offending,

Your equally rude friends at Dirty Pop Cards

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